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5 inch Shirdi Sai Baba

Size - 3 inch(L) x 4 inch(W) x 5 inch(H)

Weight - 300 gm

Medium - Marble dust & Resin

5 Inch Shirdi Sai Baba Resin

  • 5 inch Shridi sai Baba sculpture is the smallest sculpture made by Vineesh Vijayan cast in Marble dust and Resin. even though the sculpture is small in size facial resemblance of baba sculpted very precisely and all minute detailings of beard, nails, veins in the hands are sculpted with great precision which makes this sculpture very unique.

    This sculpture is very good for pooja purpose

    Abhishekam can be done

    Avoid using kumkum or Tamarind which may stain the whiteness of the sculpture

  • Sculpture will be dispatched with in three to five days after receiving the order.

    In case of damage of sculpture during transit Vneesh's Galerie takes complete responsibility of replacing the order. Vneesh's Galerie wont take any responsibility of breakage happened to the sculpture caused by the customer. 

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