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1/3rd Scale Shirdi Sai Baba Sitting Posture

Size - 33 L x 32 W x 46 H (cm)

Medium - Resin and Real fabric

weight - 8kg


1/3rd Scale Shirdi Sai Baba Sitting Posture

  • 1/3rd scale Shirdi Sai Baba sitting posture, is second Hyper-realistic sculpture sculpted by Vineesh. Master piece is sculptued using polymer clay and casted to Resin using Silicone rubber mould.  Intricate detailing of the hair, subtle skin textures are painted individually using acrylic paint. Costume is hand stitched by the highly skilled artists from Vneesh's Galerie and attached permenantly to the sculpture.


    *Good For indoor exhibit and for doing Pooja

    *Abhishekam cannot be done


  • Sculpture will be dispatched with in three to five days after receiving the order.

    In case sculpture damaged during transit Vneesh takes complete responsibility of replacing the order. Vneesh wont take any responsibility of breakage happened to the sculpture caused by the customer. 

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