Frequently asked questions

What should be the minimum typing speed required to work here as a data entry operator?​​​

There is no specific typing speed required for our data entry projects. The higher is the typing speed, the lesser time it takes to complete the project. There is no time limit or minimum targets to be completed. You get paid for the number of completed pages you submit.

What is the accuracy level to be maintained in this data entry project?

70% accuracy is very important to get paid. The pages which contain more than 30 % errors are not eligible for any payment. Errors are counted only for spelling mistakes and punctuation like coma, hyphen, etc. No errors are counted for space, alignment, word position, etc.

Why is it necessary to recharge an account ?

It is necessary to recharge an account to get frequent online data enrty work as the recharged account has a validity period after its expired you will not get any new work.

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