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14.5 inch Shirdi Sai Baba

size - 8.25"L x7.75"W x14.5"H

weight - 22 kg (Hollow casting)

14.5 inch Shirdi Sai Baba Murti

  • Shirdi Sai Baba- 14.5 inch Sculpture is one of the best seller sculpture sculpted by Vineesh Vijayan, Masterpiece was sculpted in 2016 and casted in Resin. More than 250 pieces were sold out in Resin. Each sculpture is casted in bronze without loosing any detailings. Sculpture weighs 22 kg and hollow inside. Surface of the sculpture is protected by wax coating for the longitievity of brightness of sculpture

  • For prolonged patina finish and to enjoy the complete beauty and tranquility of the Masterpiece Sculpture, we advise you to follow the instructions below.


    • It is advisable to dust it periodically with a soft clean cloth or brush.
    • If accidentally any liquid(milk, tea, coffee, etc.) is spilled on the sculpture that may react with the metal surface, immediately use a piece of cloth to wipe as quick as possible and use warm water to clean any residual allowing it to dry soon.
    • Use a piece of cloth or gloves while lifting the Sculpture. This prevents the wax coating being tampered and thereby guaranteeing further longevity of the patina finish
    • Don’ts
    • No abhishekams are encouraged by pouring milk, water, oil, curd, honey, or any other liquids. It will damage the wax coating as the metal will be exposed to acidic contents in the liquids causing oxidation of metal resulting in an undesired colour change of the surface finish.
    • Do not touch the bronze sculpture frequently with bare hands,as the thin layer of wax gets wiped off. The sweat from the hands are acidic which will react with the metal surface and changes the patina of the Sculpture.
    • This sculpture being an indoor exhibit should not be kept under directsunlight for a long period (more than a week or month).Such long exposure will affect the antique finish of the metal and it may be affected by the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

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