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Vineesh Vijayan is a Chennai based Indian sculptor known for his highly realistic sculptures with his extraordinary ability to bring in lifelike expressions and emotions in his piece of work/art. His work has been gaining a lot of attention from various sources as in reputed establishments both in India and overseas. He has shown his expertise in creating startling life like miniature sculptures of spiritual leaders and celebrities, meticulously working with utmost precision in detailing.

Vineesh has shown a passion for art from a very young age and got introduced to clay modeling at the age of 10 gradually developing his passion for creating sculptures making him a child prodigy in this area. By the age of 14, he showed remarkable progress by creating life size bust sculptures of various Indian leaders and spiritual masters. With a drive to develop his passion further and to achieve a better level of precision in his work, he went on to gain a degree in film making thus starting his initial career as a stop motion animator, and later on as a animation director with a reputed media firm.He loves the challenge of capturing the complexity of human aesthetic so well that the figure he creates brings the illusion of life perfectly. He has been exploring various mediums to achieve the same. He believes sculpting every piece of his work with the finest details, paying more attention to every crease and every dent of the sculpture of any scale. His main focus is to incorporate the fine elements of expressions and emotions derived from our cultural heritage. His forte lies in intricate detailing right from the postures, mudras to the ornaments worn by the sculpture.

His first sculpture of the saint Shirdi Sai Baba was created in the sizes of 13 inch, 14.5 inch and a hyper realistic sculpture of 2 feet high.

 He believes in showcasing his artistic abilities by creating and capturing the exact facial and physical resemblance of Sai Baba with high level of manual dexterity and has successfully delivered more than 300-400 pieces across India and abroad.

Srila prabhupada in a meditative pose is one of his first hyper realistic sculptures in ¼ th scale which with continuous experimenting and research has been successfully rendered to his clients.



Vineesh has completely shifted his focus and dedicated himself full time to fine art sculpture by the end of 2013, he started his own sculpture studio Vneesh's Galerie and in 2018 launched Foundry for metal castings to create the perfect work of art to meet his client’s needs. He has been experimenting and utilizing materials such as polymer clay, silicone rubber, casting the sculptures in metal and also resin, silver, fiber glass. He takes around 80 to 90 days to finish his master pieces of sizes ranging from 1/6 th to ¼ th scales.


Vineesh is also currently creating artworks on commission by collaborating with his clients with the main aim to create a unique work of art adorning your office spaces, homes or landscapes. He looks forward to working with his clients to create the perfect work of art to meet their needs. A number of commissions rendered successfully includes 1/4 th scale sculpture of H.H.Vidyamanyathertha Swamiji, Bangalore,  Adida Samraj, Adidam Ashram, California, Arasu Arts, Chennai

His goal is to create a meaning to your space and make you feel a sense of surrealness in the presence of the piece of art.



B Suraj Kumar

Foundry Director

As rightly said,”Great things in business are never done by one person but they are done by a team of people.” I believe in today’s world ,team work plays a very essential role as it helps in learning by collaborating various ideas ,skills thus enabling us to look at the future challenges from various angles.

Thus, after I finish a master piece, for a good sculpture to take shape, a skill based team with utmost dedication and commitment is required to making a mold and converting it into a durable medium like metal or fiber glass.

Through careful and meticulous work of my craft team I create intricate detailing in clay, in a durable medium without losing its authenticity.I along with my team, Suraj. B and Ramachandran are continuously striving to work hand in hand to carve out each hyperrealistic model into an exquisite piece of art.

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