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Vineesh Vijayan: The Young Man Who Chased Down The Sculptor In Him

Roji Satheesh, Manjeri

(An Indian-Keralite writer from Manjeri settled at Ernakulam and a resident of Dubai, UAE.)

A Walk Into The Space Of An Artist…

Vineesh Vijayan, a self-made artist from Chennai, inspires people through his art of sculpting. He enjoys the freedom in creating figurative representations. He lets the freedom to be contagious with his viewers. The artist is adept in evoking a dramatic space between his creation and the audience and let the viewers eye follow the path he created. He then provides the freedom to the viewers to build their level of story into the carved sculpture. The sculptor gives, the viewer takes it from him to create his universe of thoughts. The beauty of his art immediately puts one in silent conversation with it.

Isn’t it incredible to know this artist who creates meaningful statements through statues, shedding light into our unexplored world of thought and let our imagination and desires fly high?

Artist-Vineesh started sculpting at the age of four! As a small boy, he built his toys to play. Mud, clay, sand, stones, straws, wood, any raw / waste materials ushered life through the magical sculpting skills of Vineesh. Though a sculptor by profession, his artistic skills thrive through different avenues. A multidimensional artist and a native of Quilon, he is currently settled at Chennai. The sculptor works for local, national and international commissioned projects and self-productions. He works from his studio, Vneesh Galerie Sculpture Studio at Krishna Nagar 7th Street, Palavakkam, Chennai and launched his Foundry for metal casting works in 2018 to cater his clients need most effectively.

Sculptor: Experimenting Realism With Passion

Vineesh is passionate about bringing realism in sculpting. He experiments with hyperrealism in his portrayals. Holy scriptures, traditional music/songs, dance, dancers, spiritualism, devotion, celebrities, spiritual personalities, all have played its part in sculpting this blessed homo sapien. This whole Bhramandam (Universe) is an object of inspiration for this multitalented artist to create his visual tempos.

Artist Persona: Patience & Family ties

Beware of this sculptor! He might make a statue out of you! The best part of Vineesh: his tolerant nature as an artist. Do look at the wholeness of Vineesh. You will find patience crowned at the tip, and the base, how fondly he holds his family close to his heart. He clasps all his staff and friends as a part of his family.

Vineesh owes much to his family and friends who are pillars of support in encouraging him to do what he loves. His wife Avani Jayadevan, an expert Indian classical dancer and her family also join in the endeavour of supporting this Almighty-blessed artist in creating and recreating life in lifeless objects on this planet. Through a short period, Vineesh has earned a large crowd of well-wishers through his simplicity and realistic sculptures.

Renaissance Man: The Multitalented Artist

It is true that as a sculptor, he weaves “life” and “realism” into the inanimate materials before him. To fix himself as a Sculptor, he had to go a merry-go around through various artistic avenues. A flash visit to those avenues is a must to identify this man.

Vineesh, a fine artist took the art of drawing very seriously. His drawing works expressed artistic intentions proving the trove of talent he carries and his eye for beauty in everything around him.

He has to his credit, drawing portraits of A.R Rehman, the world’s most prolific musician of the time! Vineesh drew three portrayals of the legend encasing the musician’s childhood, adulthood and also his future outlook visualising the musician through his future.

Vineesh started his career as a stop motion animator. He vividly sets the reel of life-filled stories into his characters. His animating puppets for a Tamil film song in “Vanakkam Chennai” received great appreciation from the crowd. Another feather in the cap!

Vineesh owes much to Mr Praveen Chrispugg, the Founder and Creative Director of IDEAHEAVENS, Chennai under whom he worked as an animation director. Mr Chrispugg gave him opportunities to advance in his career. It is so true that the Universe sends the right people in one’s life to uplift them to their next level.

As an art director, he sprinkles life into the settings and the characters with realistic make-up and artwork. He articulates the artistic vision of the team to be represented most creatively and innovatively bringing in the team’s concept to full-life. Vineesh is enthusiastic and focussed about every sector of the art he steps in!