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How I started doing Sculptures.

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Sculptures done from 2004 to 2006

I started doing sculptures at a very young age and done many small statues using red clay. I never got proper training those days and learned the techniques and improved my skill by observing and analyzing broken sculptures done by professionals . Doing realistic and intricate sculptures is very tough but I love doing it facing so many challenges and painstaking moments. Lack of proper guide and material knowledge was a real challenge for me, so I have to proceed each steps of sculpting very carefully.  I did my schooling from L.K.G to +2 at S.V.M.M.H.S.S, Vendar, Kerala. Here I am adding few works I did during my school days. I usually work on the vacation times and when I got a collection of good works I did my first solo exhibition at Sopanam Auditorium, kollam in 2006.

This work, almost ruined was my very first attempt in sculpting at the age of 10, it was a saint meditating. After that I did many small statues like this, I was doing mostly deity sculptures like Durga, Shiv lingam, and sculpting elephants was my favorite. Seeing my skill  parents and teachers gave me so much support and participated in clay modelling competition and won prizes very often in district level and state level. When I was on 7th class I got my first commission work, I did a terracotta sculpture of Hanuman swami 46"x24"x24"  for a temple in Kerala. Sculpting was not the only art which I pursued, I learned to play Tabla and Key board and participated in many competitions and professional concerts, my favorite was palying harmonium for 'Kathaprasangam', I tried my hands on acting and directing dramas, painting, drawing, creating sets for drama, special effect make up... .  I am adding few remarkable works I did during my school days, I use Plaster of paris and a metal or wood armature inside to make all these sculptures, I usually apply palster in lump over armature and carve the shape out of it.

Mona Lisa


                    48" X 36" X 36"

Radha & Krishna


                    52"X 36"X 24"

Detailed view

Meera Krishna



                     Human Anatomy



Back View

I donated this work to my school. Most challenging part of this work is to sculpt internal organs in the accurate size. I referred many medical related books before doing this work

Inauguration of Human Anatomy, S.V.M.M.H.S.S manager Balakrishna pillai, Higher secondary board director(2006) Mr. James Jospeh, myself, H.S.S Hod Mr. Rejikumar, Principal Mr. Anil sir. At present this work is kept in Zoology lab for students to learn Anatomy. I think in Kerala only  school owns a sculpture like this to study human anatomy.

Scoring 90% mark in +2 and my decision to join Fine arts college, teachers and parents was not happy. Everybody expected me to continue my studies in medical and become a doctor :D, which was something which I cant even think of. 

Because of some misconceptions my parents had on Fine arts colleges they were totally against me going there. So I was searching for some other courses related to art and decided to study Film Making. I joined for Diploma in Film Making at Access Atlantach media studies, Chennai.

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