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My art studio Vneesh's galerie sculpture studio, is the first of its kind in India, producing hyper realistic sculptures for commercial sales since 2013.  For the last three years, I have worked continuously to create the best quality sculptures in scaled size with minute, intricate details. I started this firm as a home studio and now have official registration and a seven-member team working on salary and project basis. We have three different sculpture products on sale now and have sold more than 300 pieces in India, USA, UK, Malaysia.  We have managed to grow in two years with social media advertising on Facebook/Amazon and direct sales.

I have worked on some significant commissioned projects including a sculpture of former Tamilnadu state Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi, Former Tamilnadu Deputy Chief Minister and DMK Treasurer M K Stalin, spiritual leader HH Vidyamanya Theerthaswamiji. I am now in negotiations to create sculptures of Adi Da Samraj, USA.

H H Vidyamanya teertha Swamiji, udupi(2016), Size - 7"x7"x10", Medium - Polymer Clay

H H Vidyamanya teertha Swamiji, udupi(2016), Size - 7"x7"x10", Medium - Polymer Clay

Shirdi Sai Baba(2015) Size - 7.75"x 8"x 14.5", Medium - polymer Clay

Sri Nityananda Swami(2015) Medium - Polymer Clay, size - 4"x 4"x 8.5"

His Divine grace A.C Bhakthi vedanta swami Prabhupada (2013) Size - 4" x 4" x 9.75, Medium - Polymer Clay

Commissioned Projects (2016) Medium - polymer Clay

Full Figure Academy work, Size - 90” x 72” x 45”, Medium - Red Clay

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Vineesh Vijayan

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